If you haven’t heard of RFI by now, you must be living under a rock. For over what seems like a month now, there has been a massive craze over this new protocol known as Reflect Finance. A protocol that distributes a 1% transaction tax to all its token holders relative to token holder amount. Before RFI came about, there was CORE. CORE originally introduced the way of transaction tax farming (TTF). Though transaction tax is no new idea, the ways in which the taxes are distributed is up to the creativity of the developer.

Thus came RFI, a new…

Mwhahahahaha! I am X, Iteration Syndicate’s evil cousin. My goal is to be the first to fork different Iterations of newly created DEFI projects. I will experiment with the code, push the limits, and do my best to optimize tokenomic structure for maximum success and growth.

Note: We have no affiliation with Iteration Syndicate project (ITS) this is purely for storytelling purposes.

Iteration X was launched, with the initial intention of just forking a very experimental rebalancer model. The rebalancer function was created to rebalance 25% liquidity within 1 hour and 30 minutes. 15% after 30 minutes, 10% after 1…


IterationX, a project which creates different iterations of existing DEFI projects, with exclusive small cap pre-sales.

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