Mwhahahahaha! I am X, Iteration Syndicate’s evil cousin. My goal is to be the first to fork different Iterations of newly created DEFI projects. I will experiment with the code, push the limits, and do my best to optimize tokenomic structure for maximum success and growth.

Note: We have no affiliation with Iteration Syndicate project (ITS) this is purely for storytelling purposes.

The Beginning

The model above had some great feedback from the community but in hindsight the presale hard-cap was just way too high to fill for being an anonymous developer. The presale unfortunately hit no where near the mark of even the soft-cap. Due to the nature of internal rebalancers within contracts, it requires the developers to have complete control of the presale. As to be able to add liquidity and then proceed to send the LPs to the contract which has a time lock built into it. In order for rebalances to take place the contract must be able to control the liquidity in order to perform rebalances. With this era of DEFI rug mania, this was simply too much to ask.

The Future

I will be using the existing telegram group for all future project developments. For now I will be holding exclusive small cap pre-sales that will benefit early adopters greatly with high listing prices. With high listing prices, comes potential for dumps but I will launch tokens with built in pumpanomics that incentivize long term holding that offset dumps. Also with smaller more exclusive pre-sales, it keeps the projects launches whale free.

Let the forking begin!


IterationX, a project which creates different iterations of existing DEFI projects, with exclusive small cap pre-sales.